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Content: bhp (89 kW). As talked about above, the first Lotus Elise was released in September 1995. The year soon after the Lotus Business released an even lighter Lotus Elise that weighed an astonishingly low 1488 lb (675 kg). This auto was followed by the Lotus Elise 111S three years later. The Lotus Elise 111S is more rapidly than the preceding Lotus Elise cars and is fitted with a Variable Valve Handle (VVC) engine. This engine has been developed from the Rover K series and equipped with Variable valve timing (VVT). Discover new information on the affiliated URL by visiting. The next step for the Lotus Elise developers was the roofless Lotus Elise 340R. This cabriolet version of the Elise auto was released in a restricted edition in 2000 and was equipped with a 177 bhp (131 kW) engine. The name 340R was derived from the initial prototype it had a 340 bhp/ton energy to weight ratio. The prototype had a 170 bhp engine, and weighed no far more than 500 kg. In accordance with this, the limited edition consisted of pre


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