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Creation Date:5/18/2017
Content:quipped with a Shackle that should the machine even think of rebelling or resisting human dominance an automatic kill switch deactivates them and resets their developed personalities. Hunter Killer AIs are worth their high cost are on par with the augmented super soldiers that stand as corporate enforcers. Hunter Killers AIs have two shoulder cape attachments with a cloth overlaying the groin and back. Regal and resembling legionaries with a big fan of feathers sprouting from their heads. They sti. Description: Hunter Killer Combat Synthetic Intelligences are capable of acting the part of free will sentient beings, though they are not capable of free thought, deployed as intelligent and very capable robots with advanced combat protocols, heavy armor, and advanced weapon training. HK CSI 46s sport a built in shoulder cape attachment, a full three hundred and sixty degree optical sensory field, and chest mounted Machine Gun. Light Wave Drives Light Wave Drives use established rifts in reality secured with power


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