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Creation Date:5/19/2017
Content:nt something sweet to enter your mouth, something juicy to brighten your day. But corn isn t that kind of food you want to eat. You want something, much, much different then corn to eat. Suddenly, the day of the dead, I mean day of trick or treating comes along. The day where you assume the role of another. Usually that of a monster, or maybe a ninja. The day to tread the night looking to feast upon sweets, or not that would be scary. Drawings & Paintings Fantasy collect_rid= 1:681115586 usericon= userid= 17778057 username= AetasRazael134 symbol= category= digitalart/paintings/fantasy href= Arrival 681115586 data thumb width= 300 style= background image: url(,100):origin()/pre00/e7bb/th/pre/f/2017/137/9/f/the_arrival_by_aetasrazael134 db9io5e.png ); data super img=


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