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Creation Date:9/1/2017
Content:I got was, and still is justified. Domestic violence is a major social problem surrounded with a lot of guilt and shame. This book will not reduce men s violence against women. But our hope is that it can draw attention to what we social human beings are constantly seeking, namely a good relation. The initiative in creating the book is mine, but the result depends on the amazing artists who chose to get involved in the project. The artistic contributions come from different places and cultures of our blue Planet. Aini Tolonen, Ana Neamu, Andrea Deis, Anita Dunkl, Ann Sofi Ahlberg, Ariane Jurquet, Ceren Fındık, Chiara Bignardi, Christiane Lindner Fuss, Chiyo Nagahara Romei, Dan Neamu, David Van Dyk, Derya D ll, Dominic Smith, Edward Trujillo, Edvard Derkert, Horst Schmier, Isabelle Thibeault Jolin, Jaroslav Divi , Jonas Ahlberg, Julia Kretsch, Katie Murphy, Kelly Selz, Kimberly Autumn, Liz Cohn, Mariet Caris, Niki Maratos, Nodah Rashed, Olga Skorokhod, Ra bird, Richard Leach, Rusnė Jaugėlaitė, Slava Duke, St p


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