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Creation Date:5/17/2017
Content:py in the judicial process, we wholeheartedly disagree with NAPSA (National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies) as to the solution. NAPSA is in effect attempting to create another internal bureaucracy at the expense of the taxpayer to take the place of bail bondsmen. We believe. What s the best way to run our profession? While we don t boast to know everything about running the best, credible bail bonds practice we do know that together we are stronger. We can help each other in this area. If we are going to make our profession stronger and in effect more credible (against the above attacks!) bail bondsmen need to join together. 1) Our directory is a listing you can use to bolster your business website and free to all members. We only ask that the picture you submit be a professional picture as we strive our best to represent our profession. If your familiar with Google you know how important this is to connecting your services with those in need! Bottom line is that to position ourselves against NAPSA


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