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Creation Date:6/11/2017
Content:ban was designed to target Muslim immigration to the United States an unconstitutional motive. Toobin finds this unsettling , as it implies that an identical order would be upheld if Barack Obama had issued it, but that this one was invalidated because Trump was the author. As far as Toobin is concerned, either the Muslim ban is constitutional or it s not Trump s words don t matter; the constitutionality of the same legal text can t depend on extra textual utterances by whoever happened to be the author. where a federal statute criminalized the use of a firearm during and in relation to . . . a drug trafficking crime. The defendant traded a gun for narcotics, the question was whether this qualified as a use under the statute. Imagine two universes, where the statutory text was identical, but had different primary authors:. Legislator A s statement seems to suggest that he intended for use to include use as a means of exchange, Legislator B s statement may suggest that he did not so intend. But, one might argu


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