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The Unknown Candidate: Colin Powell

David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker s congressional check in about Iraq this week didn t offer much hope for America s overseas entanglements, and as coverage of the overseas wars wanes, the media isn t holding politicians feet to the fire or telling the real story about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Health Care Renewal: congressional budget office

pared the report under the supervision of Bruce Vavrichek and James Baumgardner.

Leave Us Alone!

ep in spying on Americans and their corrupt congressional puppets must know it.

The Congressional Impressionist

m Waits Prov where everyone is Tom Waits.

Senate President

ABC News reported earlier this week that Comey s congressional testimony wo.

Board of Directors Defending Rights & Dissent

congressional lobbying and organizational governance and development work are Kaplan s major activities.

No Drumlins

On Tuesday, The Sentinel and Enterprise wrote that First congressional District challenger Bill Gunn (R Ware) suggested that building a pork factory would be an appropriate response to the planned Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan a few blocks from Ground Zero.

Blog o The Cackalacky Candidate

It is suggested that one of the first items of business for our newly elected Congress to be a series of congressional hearings to investigate the activities of Vouchers, Inc.

And, yes, I DO take it personally

Starting with Social Security, the latest projections from the congressional Budget Office show that the program can pay all benefits through the year 2038 with no changes whatsoever.

The Berkeley Blog Provocative thinking from UC Berkeley

The bill would make coverage more affordable for those who are younger and healthier and prohibitively expensive for many who are poorer, older, or have pre existing conditions, according to an analysis by the congressional Budget Office.

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